5am - 10am and  3pm -6pm


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The MOEfit Story

MOEfit is the culmination of roughly 10 years of evolution and blends elements of functional fitness, Power Lifting and Endurance Training.  At our core we strive to train our athletes in a manner that both continually increases their levels of fitness and mental grit, and does so in a safe and encouraging environment.  We are the only Functional Fitness gym in Brevard County Florida that offers 10  coach-led classes M-F from 5am to 7pm.  All of our coaches hold certifications from ACE, NASM, or USAW in personal training, Olympic Weightlifting and Nutrition.

One Price. $110 a month. Unlimited Classes.  

Monday through Friday

5,6,7,8,9 and 10am

3,4,5 and 6pm

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MOEfit is a

Level Method Gym

Open Gym on

Saturday Morning's

Want to work on your deadlift or squat technique?  Maybe redo an earlier workout from the week and do it a little faster?   Open Gym is an opportunity to work on anything with coaches available to assist.

We Love What We Do!

Let MOEfit Be Your Guide

Every Class is led by a certified coach.

Fundamentals of MOEfit

Approach joining MOEfit like you would approach going back to college.  Our coaches primary focus is helping you become stronger and healthier, and doing all they can to make sure you understand everything you do.   You won't simply pick things up and put them down,  you will understand WHY you do.  


MOEfit Classes

Join MOEfit for an hour of unique exercises to tighten and strengthen your body. This type of training allows for a wide variety of exercises that works every muscle group. Group Training will improve all fitness areas by emphasizing coordination, balance and core strength.


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