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Our Home Fitness Program Is Different

First and foremost,  we are not simply a flashy app that a large equipment manufacturer or globo-gym hastily threw together simply to generate a new revenue stream.  With MOEfit From Home,  you literally can't sign up by just installing an app and putting your credit card in.   Before we ever even charge you a penny,  you have already met face to face (virtually) with MOEfit's owner and head coach,  you also fully understand how the program works, and you have a plan in place to improve your fitness and mindset.

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Marc Boucher

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What does it cost?  What do I get?  

MOEfit from Home costs $40 per month.  Every day you will have a new home workout that requires little or no equipment,  a coaching video produced every day to explain the workout.  If you'd prefer to workout with a group, we also have at least 3 live virtual classes 5 days a week that you can join from anywhere with a good internet connection.  Additionally, MOEfit coaches are available M-F 7am to 6pm Eastern Time on the phone.

So what's the first step?  Email us at, fill out the simple form below, or give us a call at 321-567-2257 and leave us a good way to reach you.  MOEfit will contact you within 24 hours to talk to you about your fitness goals, current fitness levels and any health issues you have.  Then we'll get you signed up for MOEfit from Home right over the phone to get started immediately.

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