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What is M/ Class?

Welcome to an exciting way to approach weight loss.  M/ Class. Sessions are 45 minutes, with roughly 30 minutes of the time being spent doing a coach led, group metabolic workout with a focus on building aerobic capacity.  The workout will be programmed to manipulate your heart rate to spend time in predetermined heart rate zones.  At higher heart rates, your body uses less oxygen and tends to use more carbs as an energy source.  At slightly lower heart rates, breathing is easier, more oxygen is used and fat is often the predominant energy source.  

MOEfit coaches will guide you through various activities and varying intensity levels to spend effective amounts of time in the heart rate zones that burn carbs,  and in the heart rate zones that burn fat.  

Noticeably absent from M/ Classes will be weight lifting and specific elements of strength training.  While MOEfit clearly understands the need for strength training, M/ Class is designed for the athlete that wants to concentrate on general health, increasing energy levels and losing weight.

Cost? Equipment?

The monthly cost to attend M/ Class classes at MOEfit is the same as our regular Functional Fitness classes.  $110 per month to attend as many classes per month as you like with morning and afternoon classes.  One small difference will be a $99 equipment fee when you first sign up to purchase the required MyZone MZ-3 Activity Belt.  


The MZ-3 Activity Belt will stream live data to the large monitor in the gym, displaying your heart rate and activity level along with your fellow athletes.  This will allow you to increase or decrease your intensity level during the workout to follow the guidance from the coach for different sections of the workout. You will also accrue MEPS, or MyZone Effort Points for minutes spent in different heart rate zones.  MEPS are a fun way to set goals and are used for daily, weekly and monthly challenges.

Want more info?  Give us a call at 321-567-2257, or just pop in and check us out at 235 Willow Street in Titusville.

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M Class Logo with stroke small.png