Friday Night Ruck event image.jpg

Our next Friday Night Ruck is Dec. 6th, 2019 at 7:30 PM.   We are meeting at Main Street Philly on Main St. in Titusville.  Just East of the corner with US1.  

VERY IMPORTANT: Items you will NEED:
1. A Ruck Sack of some kind. Please message us with any questions on this one.
2. Weight to put in your ruck. Bricks, weight lifting plate, sandbags, whatever you want. There is no required weight, but the recommended weights are 30 pounds for men, and 20 pounds for women. Feel free to go lighter than these suggested weights, but please don't go heavier. It will be obvious why later lol.
3. Water, please have at least a liter of water in your ruck for drinking.
4. A Headlamp
5. Any snack you may want to eat along the way. We're only going to be out for 3-4 hours, but a cliff bar wouldn't be a bad idea to have with you.
6. Emergency contact info in an easy to find place in your ruck.

YOU WILL GET WET. :) This isn't meant to scare you, it's meant to excite you! Yea, we're gonna get a little soaked on this ruck, but don't worry, no shark or gator issues are anticipated.

Our ruck will begin at Main Street Philly and end at the Playalinda Brewery where the optional post-ruck ACRT (Acute Cellular Recovery Therapy) will happen. ACRT = beer by the way.

If you plan on attending, please indicate "going" on the event. If you have any questions at all that you would like to know about this before signing up, please message us on FB.

We hope to get as many people as possible on this ruck and make a HUGE spectacle in downtown Titusville!!! SIGN UP!!