Aly May

I will never stop saying this but.... PROPER COACHING IS EVERYTHING! Without a doubt in my mind I would not be anywhere near where I am today if it wasn't for the amazing coaches that we have at MOEfit. From teaching you proper form/technique, working with you on when to breathe during a lift, to hyping up your gains and improvement, to even someone who picks the right playlist to motivate the shit out of you on your last rounds of a Metcon. I may show up every day for myself and put in the work but it's the coaches (Marc, Brooke, and Andy) that keep me coming back and I'm grateful for them beyond words! 


The best gym I’ve ever worked out in. If you want to challenge yourself physically in an environment with others cheering you on come try a class. It’s life changing.


The whole community here is welcoming and hard working and wonderful. This is one of my favorite places ever!


I have been going here for just over a year now and I love there people here. Such a family vibe and the motivation to become just better physically and mentally is amazing. I would def recommend this place for anyone who wants to get in great shape and feel amazing.


I absolutely love this gym! They care a lot about safety and encouragement. It's fun and there is something new every day. You leave tired but feeling amazing!